Landon Donovan on Depression and Why he retired from Soccer

Landon Dononvan, who is regard as the best player in soccer histroy in the US, was sidelined for 3 months last year because of his depression. That 3 months of absent cost him his captain position on the soccer team, the LA Galaxy. He had started to see a therapist six years ago 

Donovan was name US Soccer player 3 years in a roll. 

Who would have thought, the 5'8 soccer star who scored 12 goals his first season with the LA Galaxy, who have suffered from depression. As we know, depression is no respecter of persons. No matter who we are, where welcome from and how large our bank account, depression can affect us.

He said that the US "a very big issue with mental health in our country, and I think it’s very much under-publicized. I think people aren’t aware of it themselves. They don’t have compassion towards it.”

Donovan said..

"There’s many people in life who deal with periods of depression,"


"It’s human nature to have sad periods in life. I would much rather feel than not feel things. And to go through some of the things we as human beings go through, it’s normal to feel that way." LAtimes

Both celebrities and people on the street struggle with it. It is ver important that coworkers and family members realize the signs to look for so it is not too late. 

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