5 Stupid Things  You Say to Someone Who Is Depressed 

 have experienced firsthand when I wanted to talk to someone and I felt like no one really cares or bothers to know what was going on with me. I admit I do have trust issues because I tend not to trust many people because I feel that they do not understand me. I have been betrayed in the past so I think twice about telling people my true feelings. 

Even as I type this I have something on my mind but no know to really lend an ear to hear. So, like any other time I just keep it to myself and go about my day. 

I revealed my true feelings to someone a few months ago and come to find out they have betrayed me by telling someone else what I told them. I guess you cannot be loyal to two people; someone had to be stabbed in the back and I guess they chose me.

Oh well life goes on. I will not be telling them anything anymore.

Enough about my feelings, I wanted to share with you all of what not to say to someone that has depression

  • Get over it: Saying those words will make any person feeling like they cannot come and talk to you about anything else. That is a sure way to be left out of ever knowing someone’s true feeling in the future. A sure way to lose a friend. 
  • Everyone has depression:  While most people admit to having some type of depression. When some approaches you and you wave them off like that. It makes them feel like you don’t care. Truth is they are not just anybody and everyone’s situation is different. They have come to you because they trusted you. 
  • What do you want me to do about it?: I spoke to this one  girl who has depression and she says all she  wants is for someone to just listen to her.  By listening it shows that you care. This one girl told me that having someone to talk to make her depression more bearable and I agree.
  • You’re just weak: As men we are supposed to being strong as a rock but sometimes we can be weak for a moment. I mean superman is weak whenever he comes close to kryptonite. And Jesus became a weak man (for a brief moment). It can be hard to sallow when someone says that to a person who is experiencing some depression in their life. You have just made the matter worst.
  • Why are you complaining for? Another response you do not want.  This type of “tough love” has pushed people over the edge. Have you ever heard of “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”? That’s one of those times. As many people do not understand depression they speak out of ignorance and say negative things. Saying this will push someone to the end. 

Be careful what you say to people because you never know how it will affect them. Life and death are in the power of the tongue –always remember that.

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