10 Best Things To Say To Someone Who Is Depressed

Going through depression is tough but a kind word is like a drop of water in the middle of the desert. One of the best feelings in the world is to know that we are loved and accepted by the ones that are close to us.  In this list I have include several kind things someone might say to a depressed individual.

I can’t fully understand how you are feeling  but I am here for you: Hearing those words will make any person feel like they are on top of the word and can do anything because they know you have their back.  Jesus said “I will never leave you even to the end of this world”. I don’t know about you but that makes me feel like I will never be alone even when I feel alone.

Do you want to talk: Another great set of words you can say to someone. It does not have to be a best friend either. It could be someone you just met at the coffee shop or the library that you regularly visit. Everyone wants to know that someone will listen to them.

Did you see a counselor: Aside from taking mediation, recommending that someone seeks the help of a counselor for their depression can be a life saver. Knowing that you have pointed them in the right direction to get help will make them feel like you care about them. 

Let’s do something together: When someone feels depression, even their everyday activities are not attractive. Offering to go out together may make their depression a bit easier. People want to feel loved and this is one way to show it. 

It going to be okay: Reassurance that things will be okay is a breath of fresh air. It will make them feel like they can good on to tomorrow. 

You are important to me: Everyone wants to feel loved and by saying these words it will make any person feel the love from another individual.

It will pass. We will overcome it together: You help them to know that they are not alone and that you are there and will be there every step of the way. 

I know you can overcome this because you have overcome harder times: This is another confidence booster (at least for me). When someone reminds me of my past accomplishments it gives me confidence that I can overcome anything because it has be done before. It is not impossible.

Hug: Simple yet powerful, I am not much of a hug guy but I have done it to make my love ones feel better when they are going thru a rough time. It really helps. 

Don’t say anything: Sometimes silence may be the best medicine for a depressed person. Instead of using your mouth to speak use your body language to show them you care and love them.

I hope that you have someone that you can talk to even for a minute to help you overcome the present feelings of depression.  Strangers, librarians can serve as a shoulder to lean so don’t overlook these people in your daily life.

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